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How to use an auction template in the Ebid online lister

Your template will be sent by email as a text (txt) file attachment
Open the email & click on the paperclip icon.
Click on save attachment, & choose where to save it.
Find your saved template file.
RIGHT click on your saved file & choose Open with...Notepad.
With the file opened in notepad choose edit - select all which will highlight all the text.
Then RIGHT click & choose copy.
If you intend to use the template for more than one listing, it's easiest to start in "My Defaults"
Scroll down to the main My Defaults Box it will be blank.
Click on the Source Button & paste the auction template into the box.
Click on the source button again it might take a couple of seconds to refresh then you will see your template, set any other defaults postage ect at the same time & click Save Defaults you have now finished with the My Defaults Page
Now go to the add auction page, make sure the correct template is selected in the dropdown box on the left & click populate. You will now see your template, it will again look like the image above. Choose the Full Screen edit option & it will look like the image below which is much easier to work with.
**If you use Internet Explorer 6 or 7 you may have to click on either an image or text more than once to select just it & not half of the template. This is an IE bug.**
As you scroll down you will see the placeholder image, select it & if you don't want to use an image delete it. If you want to change the image click on the image icon on the editor toolbar
You will now see a popup box with the existing image & its details in it
Go to photobucket,(same principle for other online photohosts) view your album & pick the image you want to use.
You need to copy the Direct Link.
Go back to eBid & paste the url you copied from photobucket in. Then add a title in case somebody has images switched off in their browser. If the image is the correct size, click on the link to add the information, if it is too big, you can force it to be smaller by filling in the pixel size you want to use. Click OK when you've finished.
You will then see the image in the correct place in your template.
Just repeat the above for each photo.
Remove my description & add your own. You shouldn't need to select a font, colour or size, unless you want to change the ones in the template, just delete the text & start typing you can also add your payment - postage - & terms & conditions to their relevant boxes.
You can now preview your auction & list as usual.

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